The TechJaja Show
5th March 2018

As a business owner you must have thought about the different ways you could use the internet to get more customers to your business; however before you can tap into the greatness that is the internet & fully benefit from what it has to offer your business, you first have to make sure that you have your house in order. Here are the 7 things you need to consider before starting digital marketing for your business.

1) Historical Performance

What marketing efforts has your business tried and failed at in the past & why? The last thing you want is to carry over mistakes from past endeavors into new ones or forgetting lessons that you probably learned the hard way & risk repeating them in a whole new manner. If you tried to increase sales for your business through flyers,salesmen, discounts, etc take time and review why they did not work It could have been that you did not reach your target market or your message was confusing or maybe you were not properly branded or your sales pitch was off, all this is crucial into building a strategy that works in digital marketing. Remember the mistakes you make offline, multiply even more when you bring your business online,s o take stock

2) Customer service

Uganda may be one of the most hospitable countries in the world but we too tend to have days off more often than not. Starting digital marketing efforts when your business has poor customer service will make first time customers have a bad first impression which will directly affect your sales. It’s advisable to ensure this area of your business is sorted out to

3)Your product or Service

As a business owner, you have to be honest with yourself & your product /service. Before you put your business infront of thousands of potential customers, you need to make sure that you don't over promise and then under deliver. Give your repeat clients surveys and ask them what they like about your product or service, what they don’t like and where they think you could improve. This will give you a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. This part is crucial because it will be necessary in building the persona of your potential client as well as making sure the business focuses mostly on its best selling points when pushing ads into the digital sphere

4) Your physical footprint

Before you go for the 1 lost sheep on the internet, how well have you taken care of the 99 sheep that live next to your business? Many businesses, ignore the potential customers closest to them & focus on those far off instead of developing strategies & putting in place structures to make sure that the people within close proximity of are well versed when it comes to their product/service. We once advised a cafe owner who was interested in starting digital marketing for their business to first engage the series of offices surrounding them through distributing laminated menus to them to make them aware of the products.This is crucial human capital that businesses cannot afford to ignore since it often turns out to be repeat business due to the convenience of close proximity with an added possibility of bringing in recommendations

5) Capacity

Things may be slow now before advertising but I can assure you that with the right message, product and targeting, you will have hoards of customers breaking down your door to get your product/service. It’s imperative that before you start digital marketing, you have a decent understanding of the capacity/demand you can handle because nothing is worse than awakening a need and not meeting it. In the event you are overwhelmed by the demand, you can set up systems that capture clients information to enable you to sell to them at a time when you are able to meet the demand. Be sure to also communicate on your pages when you are selling products that have limited supply, this prepares your customers early on in the event your stock runs out.

6) Branding

The internet is all about presentation & aesthetics. Branding can go along way in how your business is perceived at first sight & is usually the determinant of whether the customer chooses you or your competitor with everything else held constant, Branding can be in terms of your company colours, fonts, the tone of voice, the logo etc this should be uniform across all the different platforms your business has presence. It is imperative that before you go online you have dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s with regards to your business’ brand; i would actually advise putting off any plans of digital marketing until then.

7) Choose a winning team

Digital marketing though based on platforms people use quite often isn’t a walk in the park, working with the right team of people will make all the difference in whether you hit your targets or not; this can either be a professional and creative digital agency like Moving Ads or even a staff member that you have trained to handle your business’ online presence. Be sure to remember that every business is unique and you will need to work towards finding what works for your business instead of copy and pasting what others are doing. As a business owner you need to also take time and decide what you want your marketing efforts to achieve realistically because the internet shouldn’t be treated as the one pill that will solve all your business problems however an addition to all your marketing arsenal strategically employed to get you customers


Now that you have a basic understanding of what you need to enable your business to go “digital”, check out our next blog that will cover the 7 things you need to start your road to successful digital marketing for your business. Feel free to send us an email for a free business consultation regarding digital marketing for your business.