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24th February 2017
30th October 2016

ROKE Telkom


Roke Telkom


Digital marketing and Production


Keep our digital presence alive, interesting & active

Being an Internet service provider, Roke could not do without an engaging digital presence. From their website and social media presence, we helped them build a brand that spoke directly to their online customers and perspectives. From great graphic design, video shorts and out of the box campaigns, the Roke brand has enjoyed a steady increase in its followers and brand awareness which they did not have before. .

ROKE Telkom held their CSR event last year with the main theme ‘ROKE GIVES BACK’ and needed a Production house that could capture the precious moments over the 3 months of the event. Our team worked closely with ROKE’s point person covering the details of the event that was wrapped up into a short heart warming production based on giving back. . .

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