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The Ugandan Hotel industry is one of the most competitive sectors in the country. With more than 800 hotel rooms added to the central business district skyline in 2017 alone, the need for hotels to differentiate themselves has never been greater,read on to see why video is the answer. At Moving Ads, we believe there is no better way to do this than with video content, below are 5 reasons why you should switch to video today;

1) It Works

First and foremost is video content just works because people really love video; 80% of internet users prefer to watch a video than to read the same content in a text or a picture. First time travellers prioritize their safety, security & comfort when looking around for accommodation; video content is hands down the best media to fire up feelings of trust within your potential clients & gives them a clear view of the experience they would be getting at your hotel. Besides, if a picture says 1000 words, then a video says it all.

2) First Mover Advantage

Early adopters of trends are always the ones that reap the biggest returns. Much as video marketing is widely accepted globally, its is still an emerging trend in the Ugandan hospitality industry with a few places having embraced this form of marketing content. This would place your hotel in the unique prime position to be among the first players who will benefit the most before the market get saturated. So be ahead of the curb

3) Share-ability

Of all the content that exists on the web, nothing gets shared more than videos. Social shares in the online world are the ultimate form of recommendation; travellers almost feel compelled to share with their friends and families the great experience they had at your hotel and this is usually done through sharing your hotel video. This gives the video a much longer shelf life overall & an even greater reach at absolutely no extra cost to you.

4) Multiple Platform Usage

There is no shortage of platforms you can feature your hotel video on, most of which are free but highly effective. Your hotel video can feature on youtube as an ad to draw in new clients or on your facebook page/ads, it gives your website that extra touch & should you choose to go traditional, you can also put it on television. It is the one piece of content that will always bring you the highest Return on Investment anywhere you put it.

5) SEO

Believe it or not, an optimized video increases the chance of your hotel being on the front page of a Google search engine result by up to 53% which means even more potential clients can find your hotel online. Optimized video also helps your hotel tap into the thousands of mobile users who are the majority anyway & gives them a reason to choose you right from their mobile screens.


6) Lets you Show-off

In the world today, if it’s not on camera, then it doesn’t exist. Video ensures that your hotels best features do not go unnoticed, it helps you highlight them in spectacular fashion in a bid to convince your potential client to stay with you and not with Hotel X. It also re enforces that you have nothing to hide & everything to flaunt.

Now What?

So now that you have been sold to the idea of your hotel needing a premise video, all you need now is the right person with the professionalism & expertise to get you there. Don’t settle for anything but the best.Send us an email to get started today.
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