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Free Digital Audit For Your Business

Free Digital Audit For Your Business Digital marketing is the new trend but for most business owners and organisations, running a successful online presence can sometimes feel like commandeering a machine with too many moving parts. It is upon this backdrop that the team at Moving Ads has introduced a FREE digital audit service for […]

7 Things to consider before starting digital marketing for your business

As a business owner you must have thought about the different ways you could leverage the internet in general and social media marketing in particular to get your business more paying customers; however before you can tap into the greatness that is the world wide web with all it’s memes & emoji’s, you first have […]

5 reasons your hotel needs a video

The Ugandan Hotel industry is one of the most competitive sectors in the country. With more than 800 hotel rooms added to the central business district skyline in 2017 alone, the need for hotels to differentiate themselves has never been greater,read on to see why video is the answer. At Moving Ads, we believe there […]

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