If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is a whole encyclopedia. Brands can no longer thrive without any video representation both now and even less so in the near future. At Moving Ads, we know this but also appreciate how dynamic all businesses are; we know one size does not & cannot fit all, that is why we offer a wide array of video content to make sure that we are always able to meet all your video needs


Television Commercials (TVC's) are some of the oldest types of videos simply because they are a really effective way of reaching the masses watching local broadcasting. The internet has also created a platform for TVC's to also feature on online platforms like youtube ads and get even better engagement & more targeted reach.


Documentaries are more like films, they are meant to inspire the viewer to create a positive change in themselves and in the world around them. Just like a film,a good documentary is one that is build on top of a solid story; we employ the best storytelling structures that are guaranteed to create something trully memorable.


A corporate video is the entire story of your business. It is the one piece of content that showcases you culture, premises, process, beliefs and so much more in the shortest way possible. We appreciate this & that is why our creative, skilled and experienced video production team work diligently to not only create a video, but craft a valuable resource you, your current and future partners can be proud of & increase clients confidence in your brand.


These videos are especially useful to businesses that depend on having aesthetically pleasing real estate inorder to increase sales. These include; hotels, apartments, estates, health clubs and even office spaces. Considering how crowded the market can get, it's imperative to showcase your business' premises with a professional video that highlights your key selling points & gives a prospective customer a sneak peak of what they should expect.


This is different from a TVC because it is a detailed breakdown that focuses mainly on the key features and competitive advantages your product is offering your potential customers. It is aimed at not only educating them but also inspire them to reach their wallets and make a purchase, making it a crucial asset for your business to have in its sales arsenal.


An infomercial is a basically an educative video. It unpacks a particular topic with accurate facts & visuals so as to sway the viewers understanding in a desired direction. These can be especially useful for NGO's , news companies or any organisation that needs behavior change marketing.


An interview is the foundation of video marketing but despite this, is still a formidable piece of content, when done right, it can create a huge stream of new leads and effectively close sales already in the pipeline. These can used as a platform to hear from top level management, showcase testimonials from your clients/ staff, send salutations, put out a specific message or simply help you put a face to your business.


Animation gives your business freedom unlike any other type of video. It is very flexible meaning we can use it to express your brand in a stylish & creative manner while using concepts that may have been either impossible or very costly to implement using any other video type. We implement the latest technology to ensure we create high quality content that will out your brand ahead of the competition.

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